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Still kicking2009-09-13 06:10:54  
Ahh yes; it's like facebook only nobody cares and nobody pretends that they do!

Still more photos and I pick out my favorites and put them here normally: site

Fall is coming, I can feel it. It's almost my favorite time of year. Soon the leaves will be crunchy and rustling around on those crisp late afternoon rides. I can't wait.
posted by brotherjoe

Feh2009-07-28 09:38:07  
Have some of my photos up on flickr: Monochrome

All of the stuff new from today on is developed by me, and then scanned. I'm working my way through several aspects the whole process from composition and camera exposure to chemistry and the digital darkroom. Amazingly, there are a couple of decent shots in there that I really like. Maybe the key is to click away because not every shot is a winner!
posted by jhetrick

Wednesday2009-06-17 10:50:49  
Phew... kind of a tiring week here. No spawn to keep me constantly running around, but, for some reason still tired.

Waiting for some hardware to show up properly configured so I can bust some hump prepping a new environment.

Spending lots of time trying not to spend a bunch of money on 35mm film stuff... temptation is too great. Ebay is evil.
posted by jhetrick

Yardwork2009-05-11 11:41:47  
Been doing battle with some nasty cold, but appear to have gotten the upper hand in the last couple of days. Still, the thing didn't stop me from getting to a reasonable list of yard-chores.

The bad news is I have a whole lot more to accomplish. It's funny how every year that we've lived here I've been meaning to straighten out the landscaping and I only end up making it worse, or, creating more for me to do. In the end I suspect the only way to deal with landscaping is to realize that it's an ongoing battle with nature and not a few tasks here or there to spruce things up.

I don't know if I have/want the kind of time to invest! I'm going to try and take it in stages and solve 1 garden at a time and see how I do. I've got a couple of open lawn projects needing finishing, but, if I finish just one of them before starting a new one, maybe I'll get the other finished, too.
posted by jhetrick

Chillin2009-04-17 18:17:46  
Just enjoying the first really really nice day. It's nice to relax on the porch with a beer listening to some tunes.

Bella and I tried to fly a kite, but, it's such a nice night that there isn't enough of a breeze to get one off the ground!

posted by jhetrick

Yearly Post2008-05-29 08:53:59  
Wow, my yearly post. Just look at last years and my feelings are the same.

Family is important.
posted by jhetrick

Ho ho ho!2007-07-13 07:06:24  
Nothing but a lot of nothing.

Fits into my worldview of the intarweb. Nobody cares about 100,000,000 voices spewing their angst.

I just thought I should put something out here to keep it fresh.

Kinda like sniffing the bread once a year to make sure you should still plan on that cheese sammich.
posted by jhetrick

Classes soon2006-08-18 10:21:28  
Hmm. Classes start soon. The influx of questions is just beginning.

Playing with radio bits. Brewing some winter brews (2 Belgians on the deck).

Need to brew a stout this weekend. mmmmm
posted by jhetrick

Woo!2006-06-12 20:51:59  
Still not a lot going on.

Having some homebrew, enjoying it.

Really happy with new job. Fiddling with win isn't nearly as evil as I thought. Same stuff, nothing more, nothing less.

The only real change is "decision by majority" as I'm used to being a one-man show... I find it nice, though, because I'm used to making lots of decisions on my own, with no real outside thoughts on what I'm about to do. I generally do my homework, but, having some outside yay or nay is usually helpful in trying to sort out things you may not have thought of. Everybody has things they need a few other ideas on.

Other than that.... Still learning, still havin fun.
posted by jhetrick

Action2006-05-14 14:13:03  
Wow, well nothing much going on!

New job. Relaxation. Have been called in a couple times to help with oldjob, but nothing major. I think things are humming along nicely there. Always good to see a smoothish transition.

Newjob front is quite nice. Bit of a change in what I support, and how I support it, but, the same sorts of challenges and a few different resources to tap to try and overcome them.

Brewing again. Twas a long dark winter without much flame under the kettle. Have about 30 gallons fermenting, and I just kegged a couple of brews.

Thats it for now.
posted by jhetrick

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